Author: alovedlife


+watching – Tower Heist (funny, kind of slow toward the end), old episodes of Pysch, The Transplant (really good)
+reading – We Want Our Friends Back! (But Which Ones?)
+eating – FRENCH FRIES. All of a sudden – I am obsessed
+writing – daily to-do lists because I am IN THE WEEDS.
+contemplating – what new car I might want. New to me (it will DEFINITELY be used)
+listening – a weird mash-up of new things, obscure things and LOTS of Latin music (specifically Maluma, Marc Anthony + Selena)

A New Day

Today is the last day that Donald Trump is The President. That fact that he ever even was is a thing that still blows my tiny mind. I can’t say that I have high hopes for what will come but it still feels like we can ll stop holding our breath for just a few, precious moments and try to center ourselves and focus on all of the things that are in desperate need of our attention.

In the midst of everything – I don’t think I’ve stopped to really think about the fact that tomorrow we will have a Black Vice-President and how huge that is – how in my short lifetime I will have experienced both a Black President and Vice-President as firsts is such a big deal.

Looking forward to tomorrow.


+ watching Ally McBeal. It is wildly problematic but occasionally very funny.
+ reading Jubilee: Recipes from Two Centuries of African American Cooking: A Cookbook – bought this for myself and I’m already so charmed by it.
+ listening – to A LOT of R&B at the top of this year. Specifically: Kiana Lede, Teyana Taylor and Solange
+doing – Breath: A 30 Day Yoga Journey – you can start ANY time you want. Day one can be any day.
+eating – lots of tiny, organic gummy bears from Trader Joe’s.

New Year, Same Me

In my mind, I had absolutely written something here since 2020 turned into 2021 but I didn’t and so here we are. My 2021 started quietly – I spent the day before cleaning and running errands and was sitting on my couch, freshly showered and oiled in the new year.

Just like all the other years before this one I want to continue to move forward. I want to continue to work vigorously on setting boundaries and speaking from my heart with kindness but with the knowledge that the only authority on what I want to do is me. I want to read more and maybe cook more from my multitude of cookbooks. I’m continuing to move my body, often in ways that surprise me and so I’m going to keep happily doing that.

I want my business to grow – to charge what I know my time and talent are worth and know that I’m going to receive it because it is what God wants for me. I want to consume less and save more. I want to spend more time outdoors and in the company of people I love (post vaccine!). I want to keep reminding myself how much joy writing gives me, especially when I’m able to look back on it later and do it more frequently. I want to send more snail mail because mail is lovely and fun.

I don’t feel like any of these are actual “resolutions”, just a loose pile of thoughts that were tumbling around in my head that now live here for me to revisit. Happy New Year!

Merry + Bright

I hadn’t really expected to feel quite so…sad about actual Christmas day. For a few, brief moments I actually contemplated taking my tree down but that seemed wildly excessive and like a task I didn’t really have the energy to complete. I know that being away from people I love is the right thing but I hate it. I definitely didn’t anticipate that I’d be watching Die Hard With a Vengeance and maybe later, The Long Kiss Goodnight on Christmas but here we are. And honestly – it’s fine. I have much to be thankful for even as 2020 continues to be straight up trash.

I hope that if you’re celebrating the holidays that you’re doing it safely and happily. Yippee Ki Yay!


+ starting – trying to blog again for the 734th time

+ listening – Jojo’s December Baby which is so, so good (like everything she released this year.)

+eating – Dove dark chocolate with almonds

+smelling – a Good Vibes only candle from Good Day Scents

+hoping – I keep writing here because these are incredibly weird times and I think it would be fascinating to look back on.

+feeling – an immense amount of gratitude for the kindness of those in my universe.